Take My 90-Day Challenge and Watch Your Entire Life Transform With Just ONE Crazy Simple Action!

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Remember, Performing Just One Simple Action Achieves FIVE Amazing Things for You:

  1.  It Builds Your Email List!
  2.  It Makes You Instant Affiliate Commissions!
  3.  It Builds Trust With Your Audience... for Long-Term Profits!
  4.  It Gives You All the FREE Traffic You Can Handle!
  5.  It Gives You a Profitable Funnel to Send Any Paid Traffic to!

Perhaps most importantly of all, it allows you to scale your income. Each time you perform this one simple action, it becomes more powerful than it was the last time you performed it!

Same amount of work, just better results.

Do it for the entirety of my 90-day challenge, and your whole life can look much different than it does today, especially if you choose to reinvest your profits into paid traffic (optional, but covered in the course).

Ready to begin? Let's...

Urgent Message From Lee Murray:

Hi, friend! I'm about to get all "Good Will Hunting" on you.


It's not your fault.

There, I said it. 

Moreover, I really meant it.

Failure to succeed online, even after investing an obscene amount of both time and resources, is common. Sadly, it's the norm.

Almost nobody succeeds online.

Worse yet, those of us who do succeed often find that our success is incredibly difficult to maintain, let alone build upon.

But why?

Again, if you're struggling to make your dreams come true, it's not your fault.

The Deck Has Been Stacked Against You.

The online money-making world is great... but it's also pretty "dog eat dog" at times.

Many people who release products aren't actually interested in helping you. They still consider themselves to be the students.

They're launching products because that's the business model they were taught as they were coming up.

When they release a software or training program...

They're only doing so because they've got families to take care of. They've got mouths to feed.

Sorry, but this is just the reality. Other marketers want to make money. Most don't care if they help you or not.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are some out there who sincerely want to help, and who are qualified to do so. I'm one such example.

But we're definitely in the minority... and unfortunately, we can be difficult to distinguish from all of those countless other "one click" dream sellers who are vying for your attention. 

Tell Me If You've Ever Been Stuck In the Following Loop...

  1.  You buy a product.
  2.  You start to use it, but it seems harder than anticipated.
  3.  Another marketer comes along with "an easier, faster way."
  4.  You try it. It, too, is too difficult... or it just plain doesn't work.
  5.  Another marketer comes along with "an easier, faster way."
  6.  You feel frustrated that everyone seems to be lying to you.
  7.  You feel ashamed because you can't seem to make anything work.

But I'll say it again. It's not your fault.

I mean make no mistake, only you can fix it.

But there's really nobody to blame. 

Everyone's trying their best.

Most people who launch products are just like you. They really wanted to make money online, were told that launching products is the way to go, and so that's what they did.

They weren't successful prior to launching products. Their launches and their launches alone provided them with their "rags to riches" stories.

But some product creators paid their dues first.

We cut our teeth on real marketing that really works. It worked in 2005. It worked in 2010. It worked in 2015. It worked in 2020. And it will very likely still work in 2025, 2030, 2050...

And well beyond.

The 3-step process is simple...

  1. Build an audience.
  2. Provide monetized value to said audience.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you're rich.

But Here's Where It Gets Truly Magical...

What if I told you that you can perform just one simple activity that will build this life-changing, 3-step snowball for you?

In other words, by setting up a dirt-simple system one time, and then simply performing a single, super-easy action over and over again, your whole business can take off...

  • It'll get you all the FREE buyer traffic you need!
  • It'll turn this traffic into immediate income!
  • It'll make this traffic buy from you long term!
  • It'll grow your income exponentially!
  • It'll be the only thing you ever need to do! 

Not only that, but should you decide to reinvest your ever-growing profits into paid traffic, your entire lead capture and follow-up system are already in place!

So there's truly nothing more you need to do. :)

This is the perfect system for anyone, regardless of experience level or prior results.


"The Last Income System You'll Ever Need!"

  • FREE Traffic Built Right In!
  • List Building Built Right In!
  • Trust & Authority Built Right In!
  • Immediate Income Built Right In!
  • Future Income Built Right In!
  • Scalability Built Right In!
  • A Future of Fun and Freedom Built Right In!
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My 90-Day Challenge:

Try Affiliate Psycho 2 for 90 days.

Follow along with my simple "90-Day Challenge" video inside your main training area.

Be consistent.

My guess is that, by the end of the 90 days, you will have a very responsive email list that's earning you a full-time online income from the comfort of your home, hotel, or super luxury cruise ship. :)

I bet these 90 days will revolutionize your life! 

We're talking about the potential to...

  • Pay all of your bills!
  • Get out of debt!
  • Buy nice things!
  • Eat your favorite foods!
  • Travel to fantastic destinations!
  • Enjoy life on your own terms!
  • Send your kids or grandkids to college!
  • Retire in style!

Obviously, I Can't Guarantee Your Success, But...

I can guarantee your failure if you don't take action.

I'm even offering you a no-questions-asked, 90-day money-back guarantee. Play full-on for the entirety of my 90-day challenge.

Give it everything you've got.

If it doesn't produce the results you desire, let me know and I'll refund every penny of your purchase price.

All of the risk is on me, not you! :)

Why am I so confident?

Experience, baby. :)

I've been at this game for 13 years now. I've been earning my full-time income online for the past eight.

Of course, if I were to start all over again from scratch today, I would get to that point much, much faster...

By doing exactly what I'm teaching in Affiliate Psycho 2!

I'd quit my job and earn my income exclusively online within 90 days. Just like I'd love to help you to do starting today. :)


"The Last Income System You'll Ever Need!"

  • FREE Traffic Built Right In!
  • List Building Built Right In!
  • Trust & Authority Built Right In!
  • Immediate Income Built Right In!
  • Future Income Built Right In!
  • Scalability Built Right In!
  • A Future of Fun and Freedom Built Right In!
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